sábado, julho 19, 2008

Um sonho em Avalon

Dois poemas que reflectem o meu estado de alma, a minha busca do momento. Os Dois poemas foram encontrados na Net mas a única referência a um autor é Riversong, que eu desconheço. Os poemas, porém são fantásticos!


I walk along halls made of mirrors and glass,
Down staircases that are impossibly twined,
Searching for something that I may have lost;
Something I know it's important I find.
Windows I gaze through show only reflections,
I tread on the ceiling, I glide through the walls.
Not a sound do I hear but the sound of my passing;
The corridors echo my silent footfalls.
I press on relentlessly, endlessly, knowing
The goal of my quest to be nearly at hand
Through an Escher-like madhouse of half-finished thoughts
That seemingly has no beginning or end
I wake in the morning to see the sun rising
The memory fading as quick as the moon
'Til all I recall is the vaguest impression
That I had awakened too soon.

The Road To Avalon

"Can you tell me the way to Avalon?"
If you've the strength and will to reach it, child.
I searched once for that land in eons gone;
The way is hard to find, the path grown wild.

If you traverse the Road to Anywhere
On through the Wood of Dreams, then you will see
The end of all you've ever known, and there
The moonbeam bridge that spans the midnight sea.

If still you seek to reach the Misty Isle
Set foot upon that arch and do not stray
Nor pause to rest, but carry on awhile
To where enchanted twilight meets the day.

But here I failed Avalon to find:
Take heed; as you go, never look behind.
Num dia de Saturno e de Cassiel, de Santa Justa e de Santa Rufina
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